In addition to posting a weekly blog, I have written a humorous, spiritual memoir: Snoozing Through the Sunday Sermon: Reflections and Genuflections of a Catholic Mom. I know–it’s a catchy title! It chronicles my Catholic upbringing among eight siblings: seven brothers and one sister. It’s crazy and chaotic in a Catholic-somebody-didn’t-believe-in-birth-control-because-it’s-a-sin kind of way. It also talks about family, friends, aging and raising kids. I’m feverishly submitting to agents and patiently waiting for responses. Anytime. I’m ready. Please.

I was recently featured on WMTV5 cable show, Out of the Ordinary, Into the Extraordinary. TV hosts Robert and Pamela Taylor interviewed me about my manuscript. Follow this link:

Follow the link below to hear the first paragraph of my manuscript, Snoozing Through the Sunday Sermon: Reflections and Genuflections of a Catholic Mom, as featured on

 The Detroit Free Press published my Father’s Day essay on June 11, 2011:

      My dad is the strongest man in the world, except when it comes to newborn babies. Then, he’s the second strongest. I remember him excitedly shaking me out of deep sleep when I was eight years old. He was bursting with pride and smiling from ear to ear as he told me about my little sister’s birth. Finally, we had another female in our home of 7 boys and 1 girl. She was pink, she was pretty and she was perfect. He was elated. It was the first and only time I ever saw his eyes brimming with happy tears and I was just as excited and tear-filled as he was. It’s a moment that stands out in my childhood, one of those unforgettable, sentimental moments of pure joy.     

     He was tough as most dads were in the 1950’s. He was strict with his seven sons, held them to high standards and expected 100% effort. He was strict with my sister and me too, but a little softer and quieter when it counted. He taught each of us to be strong, to be honest, to be accountable and to stick together as a family. He commanded respect with his deep voice and stern demeanor, sent us scurrying when he raised that deep voice and wiped many tear stained faces after eliciting heartfelt apologies for our childish misdeeds. He was a great dad; always there when we needed him. My dad was the strongest man in the world up until January 28, 1998. Now he’s busy building his muscles in heaven. Happy Father’s Day Dad, I miss you.

I am inspired by my faith, family and friends and continue to write about this in my blog. I am also writing another really funny book and some other really funny stuff that makes me smile. (Because I’m the funniest person I know.) (Other than those chicks in Bridesmaids.) I welcome your comments, (rated G of course), and invite you to follow me. Thanks for stopping by.